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Job Description:
Site construction issues to negotiate with customers
Website-building programs and offer to customers
Maintaining customer relationships
Enthusiasm, others have an affinity for
Familiar with the network to understand the knowledge of website construction
Honest, ambitious, responsible
Website Clip Art
Job Description:
Site planning design and production
Received professional art training, a strong sense of beauty
Team spirit, and his trustworthiness and reliability
Web publishing experience, proficient in relevant software
. NET programmers
Proficient in ASP.NET (C #), javascript:
Familiar with the SQL Server database:
Familiar with. Net framework under the B / S architecture enterprise application development:
Has a good team spirit, professionalism:
Developed more than two years experience in web project development experience in at least two years, the independent development capabilities mature works, large-scale portal development experience.
Computer-related professional, college degree or above.
Php programmer
PHP + Mysql programming experience to use more than one year, be able to use the independent development of a website in PHP + MySQL:
HMTL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and AJAX web technology:
There are good programming habits and simple and clear style of code:
Understanding of website design, planning and production processes involved in the development of at least one large-scale successful projects:
Active, hardworking, good communication, teamwork, and work under pressure:
Focus on ability, education is not limited.
Senior Web Designer
Higher basic art and aesthetic ability: can be an independent design professional-quality commercial web pages.
Strong concept of user to take full account of the user experience in the design:
Able to skillfully use the following tools: PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Flash, Fireworks,
Able to skillfully use the HTML language, DIV + CSS web development using JavaScript, Flash Action Script, best to have some understanding of HTTP, PHP, AJAX works and mechanisms:
Strong ability to work independently and problem-solving ability to embrace change:
Have good communication skills:
There are a strong team spirit, co-ordination and the PM team, development, testing, web engineers:
Website sales representative
College education:
Able to speak fluent Mandarin:
Have some understanding of web design or website building technology:
Internet companies, IT companies, the media engaged in front-line marketing, advertising, marketing and management experience in priority, independently developed a strong customer ability

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